Mariah + Kingston | Payson Temple

Mariah + Kingston  |  Payson Temple

Best reception ever? I think so! From Mariah’s traditional Mexican culture to Kingston’s polynesian culture it was so much fun! They had friends, cousins, and family dance for them and it was the funnest most beautiful time (let’s not forget to mention or look for Mariah’s dad straight DIVING - I kid you not - onto the dance floor !!!!! ). Still one of my favorite weddings everrrrrr.

Kaiila | Delivery

Kaiila  |  Delivery

Those moments when heaven and earth collide and new life is brought to earth. I can’t get enough of it. I am obsessed with Moni and Whit and have had the absolute blessing of being able to film their wedding and now, the birth of their first born child. She is perfect. And this day was perfect. And even though we were all exhausted, I would do it all over again for these two! Congrats Moni and Whit!

Jaime + Ivette | Salt Lake City Temple

Jaime + Ivette  |  Salt Lake City Temple

The biggest party of the yearrrrr ladies and gents! Honestly, this whole day was a freaking party! The pictures, the reception, the exit! It was all just too good! I love how they incorporated their culture into their wedding. But my actual favorite part of the day was the dances that the bride and bridesmaid’s and groom and his groomsmen did during the reception! Too much fun!

Caitlin + Austin | Albuquerque Ceremony

Caitlin + Austin  |  Albuquerque Ceremony

I knew these two all throughout high school and seeing them FINALLY get together and get married so the biggest honor! They were so chill, so excited, and so happy the entire day. Between the ceremony and the reception, the boys took a dip in the pool and then we headed up to the foothills for some alone time. It was so beautiful. And so much fun! I remember dancing the night away during homecoming with Caitlin and now I was able to dance the night away at her wedding! I have the best job everrrr!!!