“I first hired Shanoah to do our wedding video over three years ago and I am so unbelievably happy I did. I was unfortunately not too pleased with the wedding photographs we got from another photographer on our wedding day, so when I received my wedding video that she had done, I cried happy tears because she had captured exactly what I wanted. She got the little in between moments, the little glances I had towards my new husband that no one else saw, and just the overall essence. I was sooo happy! Fast forward three years and she just took our family pictures with our new baby! She is just incredible. She has a way of making her clients feel totally comfortable. She captured my family’s specific dynamic and I loved that. She is so professional and fun at the same time. They are photos I will cherish for years and I plan on her taking many more photos in the future.”


“Shanoah is literally amazing! I couldn't believe she was able to make us look so good! Her professionalism in working with our photographer on the wedding day was wonderful and she really helped things run smoothly by getting the shots that she wanted while at the same time allowing the photographer to have her time and space. It was honestly no surprise to me how amazing our wedding video ended up being because Shanoah put so much effort in getting the shots, making sure she had the proper equipment in order to produce a professional look and having a genuine attitude and personality that showed us she really cared. The video was professional, clean, perfect music. Somehow, she caught every moment that I remember so well from that day but also the small moments that I honestly had no idea were happening! It is such a blessing that we have her video to look back on and remember our wedding day. We are so lucky! Thank you Shanoah!”


“Shanoah did amazing! We loved the photos shetook when we had our sweet baby Teiva! You were able to capture the sweetest expressions and angles of him. We will forever keep those photos and cherish them as his first real photos of life! Thank you so much for all that you have done. “


“I’ve had both photography and videography done by Shanoah and both times I was blown away by how beautiful the images and videos were. Everything was there, the details, the emotion, the candids, the classics. Whenever I look back it’s literally like I’m reliving that moment. Shanoah exceeded my expectations every time, and they are pretty high. She has the talent of making everyone look good! She captures the perfect moments and created something that I want to have in my living room forever! She was so easy to work with, with scheduling, contracts and making us feel comfortable when taking pictures/video. I can’t get enough of her work and believe me I’ll be coming back!! Thanks for sharing your talents with us and helping us capture the most precious and unforgettable moments in our lives.“


“I will forever be happy and grateful that Shanoah was able to take our engagement and bridal photos. It was such a fun and great experience and we actually enjoyed having our picture taken! I still can't pick a favorite photo that you took because there are so many that I love. It is so great that we will be able to look back at these photos for years to come and celebrate our love, all because Shanoah was able to capture it so perfectly. I am so impressed with her passion for photography and her ability to let that drive her work. It really shows in the photos she took that she loves what she does and she cares so much about making sure the clients are happy! Thank you again so much!!! ”


“Shanoah works WITH you! She truly strives to understand you as a person first then goes from there. There's no pressures to do anything weird or uncomfortable. She captures real, authentic moments. And we LOVE her! We've used her for all of our most important moments: our wedding, the birth of our first child, newborn photos and family pictures. We love Shanoah!! “


“Shanoah is the WHOLE package! On our wedding day she was so fun to have around. Her personality worked well to keep us excited and wanting to have more footage/photos. She essentially became best friends with our photographer which made it super easy and relaxed to work with both of these professionals. On top of that my husband and I LOVED the result of our video. It captured the magic and perfection that was our wedding day. I don't know how she did it but she was able to just read our minds and capture all of the little things and emotions we as a couple and our friends and family had celebrating our love for one another. We actually ended up paying her extra because honestly it was worth it! We were just BLOWN away with Shanoah's work and felt she deserved every extra bit. To this day I always recommend her for family and friends who are looking for a photographer/videographer. Truly can't thank her enough! “


“SHANOAH IS AMAZING!! She did A LOT more than I was anticipating. She’s not just talented, she’s a hard a** worker that never stops until she gets it right. She is very good at accommodating, coordinating, and communicating beforehand. She cares about her craft - more so she cares about the relationships she establishes with her clients, which to me speaks a lot about a person. An artist can be super duper duper talented and only go so far. But an artist with talent, class, sass, and motivation to become better each shoot will have so much more opportunity in the long run. And that's her! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!! <3


“Shanoah has covered two very special days for me. When I got married and then when I got sealed to my husband and baby boy. Both days were so amazing and she captured them perfectly!! I watch my wedding video way too often and every time I watch it I can’t believe how she got the whole day to fit perfectly in a 3 minute video! But she did!! I love that she captured bits of my family and friends that attended. I love getting to remember who was there. She was very professional that day and took charge. She even scouted out a place for some drone footage of my husband and me. Those are some of my favorite shots in the video!! She is amazing at what she does and so kind and friendly as well! No one can doubt that she cares about her work but she also cares about the people she’s videoing or photographing. That is what sets her apart. Shanoah has a big heart and loves what she does! We love her and hope the best for her and her family!!”