Ezra | In-Home Newborn Session

Ezra  |  In-Home Newborn Session

This little man did not want to come to earth. He was due the day my husband and I left for Germany, but came a week and a half into our trip! He is the smallest, cutest little thing (which makes sense since his parents are the cutest). Newborns are tough because they’re pretty hard to control, but just watching them observe and move and catching those moments where they latch onto their mothers fingers is the greatest. And those baby yawnsss. Dead. I can’t. Too cute to handle!

Kaiila | In-Home Newborn Session

Kaiila  |  In-Home Newborn Session

This baby basically feels like family to me. Baby Kaiila (Kah-ee-luh) has such a special place in my heart. I filmed her parents wedding video (here) AND her birth story video (here). I have been a part of her life since she was born and I love her as if she were my family. She is so happy and chill and has the biggest eyes and ahhhh. You guys. Heart melting. Baby hungry. Can’t stop staring! I love this baby. Look at how beautiful she is!

Teiva | In-Home Newborn Session

Teiva  |  In-Home Newborn Session

GIVE ME ALL THE BABIES! Ruben, my husband, and I have had the opportunity to know Kira and Roy for years. They are so goofy and fun and just the cutest parents. And let me tell you, their son is a lady killer! He was so calm and cute the entire time. We blasted Disney songs (I kid you not) the entire shoot and he just chilled and WORKED IT for the camera. He’s honestly one of the happiest babies I have ever seen and I just cannot handle him. He definitely escalated my baby fever lol.

Olivia | In-Home Newborn Session

Olivia  |  In-Home Newborn Session

My beautiful niece! My in-laws were in town just a few weeks after baby girl Olivia (or Libby as our family likes to call her) was born and I was able to take her newborns. She was cranky and hilarious the whole time! Newborn pictures don’t always go as planned… I’ve seen a handful of videos of projectile poop trying to take newborns (thankfully that hasn’tt happened to me… yet). But they’re so precious! Babies are pure and beautiful and unpredictable and uncooperative. But they are perfect.