Nunus + Charles | Hawaii Wedding Day

Nunus + Charles  |  Hawaii Wedding Day

One year after Nunus and Charles got engaged, they got sealed in Laie for time and all eternity. They had planned for every possible weather condition except flooding. And it did not let up raining the whole day. I prayed for weeks before (seeing that it was forecasted to rain on their wedding day), but the entire night before their wedding and their entire wedding day, the rain did not let up for a minute. It was a crazy day trying to take pictures and make sure that everyone stayed warm and looking good. And my heart felt for Nunus, who had dreamed and put so much effort into every single detail of this wedding, only to have it completely changed on her in the middle of her big day. But WOW. The miracles you guys. So many miracles happened and I was able to watch, witness, and capture all those who did everything in their power to make this the wedding that Nunus and Charles had spent a year planning. And it was amazing! I am so blessed that my husband and I were able to capture every minute of this miracle wedding.

Valeria + Andres | Albion Basin Bridals and First Look

Valeria + Andres  |  Albion Basin Bridals and First Look

These two latin lovers are getting marrieedddddd! I love them so much. I have had the pleasure of getting to know Valeria over the past year and I’m obsessed with her. She’s a graphic designer and a girl after all the details and you could see it in everything. She knew what she wanted and she got it. I also can’t get enough of their culture. Their culture has been in every single aspect of their relationship. They had their engagements taken in traditional dress, their Bridals and just WAIT until you see all the details from their wedding day. Love these two and cannot wait for you to see the wedding day. It’s to die for!

Rachel + Daniel | Albion Basin Bridals Session

Rachel + Daniel  |  Albion Basin Bridals Session

These two! I am so bummed I wasn’t able to actually be there on their wedding day, but honestly, I am so glad that they still hired me to do their engagements and bridals. They are so fun! They just made the entire shoot about each other and making each other laugh and just loving on each other. I can’t with the way they look at each other. You can see allllll the feels as they look at one another. They are beautiful, so smart, and so hilarious! And I loved shooting them every single second.

Alicia + Kurt | Provo City Center Temple First Look and Bridals

Alicia + Kurt  |  Provo City Center Temple First Look and Bridals

First looks, what can I say? They’re for real THE BEST. I loved being able to talk to both of them right before they did their first look and see how excited and nervous they both were all at once. They were so happy and so themselves the entire time. Their first look was so unique with the balloons, but that made it all the more fun! And to top it off, they both wore converse in their wedding colors!! I lovedddd it. That’s why I love photography, being able to catch the moments and the little details that make your wedding day, your first look, your family YOURS. So thankful I was able to capture their first look!

Sophia + Jacob | Salt Lake City Temple First Look and Bridals

Sophia + Jacob  |  Salt Lake City Temple First Look and Bridals

First looks are what it's ALL ABOUT. There's just something about the way the groom looks at his soon to be bride and the way he just can't seem to keep his hands off her that makes it just so... AH! My heart is dead. These two are so hilarious and were the absolute best to work with! They laughed the entire time and they are just such babesssss! The lighting that morning and just all the feels as they prepared for their wedding in just two days was so worth waking up so early for. I have been in the know about them since they first started and I just an't imagine two people more perfect for each other.