couples portrait session

Mariah + Kingston | State Fair Couples Session

Mariah + Kingston  |  State Fair Couples Session

It’s fair season! Or at least it was and I was dying to get out and shoot a cute and fun couple at the fair and these two were just the people to take with me. We honestly had so much fun and it was the perfect double date that also included a photo shoot! We ate deep fried everything, had some bomb street tacos, rode almost every single ride (including the kiddie-coaster…. we may or may not have been the only adults voluntarily on there without kids ourselves, it’s fine, lol), and ate even more sugar! It was honestly one of the funnest nights and shoot I have ever had and now I want to make this an annual thing! I LOVE THE FAIR AND I LOVE MARIAH + KINGSTON!

Kiana + Kalin | Albion Basin Maternity Session

Kiana + Kalin  |  Albion Basin Maternity Session

These cute lil’ parents to be. I can’t get enough of them! They flew up from Hawaii to go to a family reunion and they wanted to take advantage of the beautiful flower fields in Utah just as much as I did, so we got together for a shoot. And I am obsessed! These soon-to-be-parents were just so in love. As they prepare for their baby to arrive, you can feel their excitement and also their nerves. But nothing trumps their love they have for one another and for their baby. I usually play music during the shoots, to kind of set the mood and loosen everyone up, but as I played Ed Sheran and they started dancing, Kiana burst into tears and I could hardly contain myself from crying as well. As they cherish these times where it’s just the two of them and prepare for the joy that’s about to come into their world, you can see that they are still each other’s number one.