Nunus + Charles | Hawaii Wedding Day

One year after Nunus and Charles got engaged, they got sealed in Laie for time and all eternity. They had planned for every possible weather condition except flooding. And it did not let up raining the whole day. I prayed for weeks before (seeing that it was forecasted to rain on their wedding day), but the entire night before their wedding and their entire wedding day, the rain did not let up for a minute. It was a crazy day trying to take pictures and make sure that everyone stayed warm and looking good. And my heart felt for Nunus, who had dreamed and put so much effort into every single detail of this wedding, only to have it completely changed on her in the middle of her big day. But WOW. The miracles you guys. So many miracles happened and I was able to watch, witness, and capture all those who did everything in their power to make this the wedding that Nunus and Charles had spent a year planning. And it was amazing! I am so blessed that my husband and I were able to capture every minute of this miracle wedding. And make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to see their gorgeous bridals we did a few days after the wedding. I’m obsessed with every single one of them!