I love LOVE. I just have to start by saying that. But more importantly, I love Carly + Tanner's love. I seriously had the greatest time filming them. I have known Carly since day 1 at BYU. She was one of my first friends. We bonded over our writing class and how cool we thought our professor was. We've kept in touch over the past 5 years, having random classes together and often running into each other in the Tanner Building. She asked me to do her wedding video and I felt so completely honored! I have never loved editing videos more. And I'm not just saying that. The lighting, the laughter, the love.... It was all just so darn perfect! I was not only able to capture their first look, but also, their wedding day. So much love and excitement for these two! Happy month-aversary to Carly + Tanner!!