Nunus + Charles

Nunus + Charles

A few things here:

First off, you better get used to seeing their faces because in just two months I’m headed to Hawaii to take their bridals and I could not be more stoked about it!

Second off, BRING DOGS TO YOUR SESSIONS! I’m obsessed with dogs and these two, of course, brought their fur baby to the session and it was so great and so fun! She is literally so cute, but not quite as cute as Nunus and Charles!

The Tialavea's | Family

The Tialavea's  |  Family

I LOVE FALL! But not nearly as much as I love this little family. I was able to take Teiva’s newborns almost a year ago and was so excited to take his first family photos almost one year later! He is the cutest and happiest baby! We had some trouble making him smile, but luckily he didn’t hold out all of his cute little smiles on us. Peek some of this beautiful families pictures!

Valeria + Andres | Utah Wedding Ceremoy

Valeria + Andres  |  Utah Wedding Ceremoy

What a day! I am obsessed with Andres and Valeria and have the hardest time not sharing almost every single image from their wedding day and bridals ….. and their engagements too! lol. They are honestly the best! The details that Valeria put into everything made this wedding stunning. She designed their invite, hand made their guest book, and did just about every other detail in the wedding herself. She is a true visionary! And their wedding was beautiful. But their love is even more beautiful. You could feel their love for each other in the way they held onto each other, the way they danced the night away, and also in the support they received from their family! I love this wedding so much and I’m ready to do it all again!

Jared + Elise | Engagement

Jared + Elise  |  Engagement

This shoot was my autumn dream. I have been dying for fall and playing my fall feels playlist like crazy (even though it’s still 90 degrees outside). We drove up the canyon and explored to somewhere I’ve been dyingggg to shoot. We actually had to relocate our shoot because of the fires in Utah and I was worried we wouldn’t be able to shoot anywhere, but I was so happy it worked out anyways! We had the most beautiful drive up through the canyon (and shed a tear for the beauty and also for the squirrel that jumped in front of our car and didn’t make it), ran through the fields, did a few backflips (literally), and sang along to Chance the Rapper afterwards. Honestly, I love these two more than words can explain and I’m too excited to bring in the new year in California with them and shooting their wedding!

Mariah + Kingston | Adventure Session

Mariah + Kingston  |  Adventure Session

It’s fair season! Or at least it was and I was dying to get out and shoot a cute and fun couple at the fair and these two were just the people to take with me. We honestly had so much fun and it was the perfect double date that also included a photo shoot! We ate deep fried everything, had some bomb street tacos, rode almost every single ride (including the kiddie-coaster…. we may or may not have been the only adults voluntarily on there without kids ourselves, it’s fine, lol), and ate even more sugar! It was honestly one of the funnest nights and shoot I have ever had and now I want to make this an annual thing! I LOVE THE FAIR AND I LOVE MARIAH + KINGSTON!