The Benally's | Hobble Creek Canyon Family Session

The Benally's  |  Hobble Creek Canyon Family Session

This is just my opinion, but Native American babies are ALL THE HEART EYESSSSS. I am so happy that Shelby reached out to me about doing some family pictures while her family was visiting for graduation. And the kids did awesome! Sometimes pictures with kids can be hard, but when you let them be themselves and explore around you, magic happens!

Claudia + Kaika | Rock Canyon Couples Session

Claudia + Kaika | Rock Canyon Couples Session

Claudia and Kaika are honestly some of the most loving people I have ever had the chance to get to know. They have worked so hard in their lives and have gone through so much together. I was so honored when they asked me to take some pictures of them as a couple and for their graduation. And I was even more honored that they braved the 40 degree weather with me for this early morning shoot!

Jazmin + Jake | Snowy Tibble Fork Reservoir Engagements

Jazmin + Jake  |  Snowy Tibble Fork Reservoir Engagements

First things first, Jazmin is hair goals. She has the most lucious locks of hair and I’m obsessed with every inch of them! But outside of that, I love these two. We met up for a snowy, freezing winter engagement shoot and I loved every minute of it. They were so willing to go with the flow and they just had fun. Jake is not a fan of all the picture taking, but I loved being able to draw him out of his shell and remind him that his only job during pictures was to love on his girl. And that he definitely did! Cannot wait for their bridals soon!!

Jared + Elise | Los Angeles Wedding

Jared + Elise  |  Los Angeles Wedding

These two. I love them so much. They are so kind and sincere. And just having the privilege to sit back and watch how they love and how they take care of one another has been one of the biggest blessings. I was so stoked when they asked to fly me to California for their wedding because it was gorgeous. I wish I could transport you all there because it was perfect. And it smelt like oranges. Every single second of their reception it smelt of oranges. So go grab an orange, stick your face in it, and look at these gorgeous humans!

Nunus + Charles | Hawaii Wedding Day

Nunus + Charles  |  Hawaii Wedding Day

One year after Nunus and Charles got engaged, they got sealed in Laie for time and all eternity. They had planned for every possible weather condition except flooding. And it did not let up raining the whole day. I prayed for weeks before (seeing that it was forecasted to rain on their wedding day), but the entire night before their wedding and their entire wedding day, the rain did not let up for a minute. It was a crazy day trying to take pictures and make sure that everyone stayed warm and looking good. And my heart felt for Nunus, who had dreamed and put so much effort into every single detail of this wedding, only to have it completely changed on her in the middle of her big day. But WOW. The miracles you guys. So many miracles happened and I was able to watch, witness, and capture all those who did everything in their power to make this the wedding that Nunus and Charles had spent a year planning. And it was amazing! I am so blessed that my husband and I were able to capture every minute of this miracle wedding.