Thank you so much for considering me to capture this special time in your life (whether it's for photography or videography). Working in this industry is not something that I do because I "have a nice camera," it is my truest passion. 

However, let's make sure we're a good fit together. I have had a lot of trial and error in both photo and video and found that those stiff, "perfect" shots are not what I'm about. We will get some posed shots for mom and dad, but my style is built around the unique love that my couples share with one another. I want to capture the fun, spontaneous, quirky, and downright weird love that you have! 

I want your choice of a photographer or videographer for this time in your lives to be more than just a checklist item for you. I'm not taking pictures and I'm not filming for me. I'm filming for YOU. I want you to look back on these moments and remember how insanely in love you were. I want to capture the in-betweens, the stolen kisses, the faces of those who love and support you, and what is unique to you! 

I also know that everybody's got a budget. I am not the cheapest option if you are shopping around for the lowest price, however, I am willing to work with your budget and find a price that works for the both of us! I truly, truly believe that everybody deserves a photographer/videographer that fits their needs (style, price, etc.). 

I love getting to know my couples on a personal level. I don't want to be a stranger that shows up to our session and we all feel uncomfortable because I'm all up in your business and we have no idea who each other is. I want to develop a friendship out of this and know who you two really are so I can tell your unique love story. So if you're down to adventure, dance a little (a lot), and laugh a good amount, contact me!

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The more I get to know you, the better I can capture your story. How did you meet? What's something weird about you? What's your favorite guilty pleasure? What names are you thinking for your future baby? What's your favorite memory with your family? What are you most excited/most nervous about for the future? What drew you to my photography? Why is capturing these special times so important to you?