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The name's Shanoah, but my friends calls me Sho (and guess what, we’re about to become best friendssss). I am 24 years old and living in freaking beautiful Utah! Some random things about me: I have literally the loudest hiccups ever (some have called them elk calls… slightly disturbing), I can quote Friends like my life depends on it and have watched all ten seasons at least 13 times (not even joking), I love asian food and it’s my go-to kind of food (forever on the hunt for the best Ramen around), and last, but not least, I am obsessed with Disneyland (literally, I can give you an entire itinerary for your trip to give you the most outta your Disney day)!

I first started photography as a way to keep my own memories alive and to look back on for myself and my kids, but then it turned into the best job ever and capturing those memories for others and I’ve never looked back! Honestly, capturing life - weddings, births, family, all those butterflies during engagements - GIVES ME LIFE! I cannot even explain.

If you’re down to play, tickle each other, dance your friggin’ heart out, eat some good food, and become best friends that quote Friends together, then I’m your girl! I love that I get to do what I do, that I get to know you, and that I get to capture you in your element.

I want to create beautiful, fun, quiet moments that are so dang full of love! I want to capture what gets your heart beating most - the big moments, the quiet ones, the ones where all eyes are on you and the ones where you don’t think anyone’s looking. And I want to celebrate you and your freaking love!