Hey there! My name is Shanoah (said just as it's spelt). I also respond to Sho, Noah, and a myriad of other variations of my name. I'm a wedding videographer, couples photographer, and aspiring water color-er (but that one is still in the works). I currently live in good ol' Provo, Utah while my husband and I finish school.

I love traveling, Ramen (the packaged kind.... judge me for it), puppies (aka all dogs), and Disneyland. I'm married to the weirdest, most patient man, Ruben. Together we binge watch Friends, go on Road Trips, dance, and hiccup really loud (seriously not joking on this one... they come one at a time and tend to alarm those around us).

I, like many others out there, took a photography class in high school (as well as a million duck-faced selfies that I hope never re-emerge), and have always loved taking pictures. But I truly fell in love with being behind the camera about three years ago. A dear friend was pursuing videography and made a highlight video of a tour we took to Central America. I cried watching it and seeing the faces of those we met, hearing the sounds of the streets, and being able to relive the memories we made. It was then that I decided that I wanted to do just that. I wanted to be able to capture those fleeting moments and help others relive special times in their lives.
What started as fun videos for me, my friends, and family has turned into a business. While I love being able to capture memories for myself, what really gets me going and makes my heart beat hardest is capturing love. There's nothing more rewarding or humbling than having the opportunity to create and capture such special, intimate moments in people's lives.

Through lots of trail and error, I've realized that I'm not about the stiff stuff. We'll get those shots for mom & dad and grandma & grandpa. But what I truly want to capture is the genuine, unique, fun, and completely weird love that you have. Something I've loved since the beginning is realizing how different each couple I get to capture is -- realizing that no love is the same. Just as no love is the same, no video or photo session should be the same.Β 

I strive to capture each love as it is. I want to capture the perfectly imperfect. The small looks and stolen kisses. I want the big moments and the quiet ones. The in-betweens. I don't want to "copy & paste" you into a wedding video or a photo session. I want to capture this special time as real and uniquely as you and your love are.Β